It has been successfully completed the first common event of the Social Clinics and Pharmacies of Solidarity (SCPS) in Greece. The previous week included Press Conferences that were held by the volunteers and the patients of SCPS aiming to show the tragic state of the health services due to the blockade policies of the Ministry of health. The common actions included activisms to several Public Hospitals around the country, where the representatives of SCPS have demanded from the Hospital’s administrations the immediate termination of the murderous policies that leave the uninsured population out of healthcare. The aim of the above actions is to fight against these barbarian policies and to remind that is a constitutional obligation of the state to ensure the health of all the residents of this country. The actions were supported by the health employees that endure the results of those policies daily. An important role have played the uninsured patients that in contrast to the way that are being treated by The Ministry of Health, have demonstrated that they have dignity and they are not just numbers that can be presented to surveys. The actions took place around the country from Drama to Rethimno, all having a common aim, the terminations of the murderous policies and the reestablishment of a free public health system for everybody.

Invitation to Press Conderence

The health policies implemented by the Government in the recent years expose uninsured patients to great risks that can result even to death. The Government criminalizes the poverty and unemployment that itself has produced by excluding large groups of the population from a free and public health care system.

The Social Clinic of Solidarity in Thessaloniki condemns the continued brutal Health Policies of the coalition government. In particular, we note an insistence on the criminal blockade from free health care services for all our fellow citizens that have no insurance or access to any type of social security benefits. This blockade it is clearly criminal given that the luck of accessibility to primary health services and to hospitals have already resulted to deaths and permanent disabilities to thousands of people since they are unable to cope with the cost of care, and thus either they did not receive it at all or arrived too late for treatment and their health problem has deteriorated dramatically.