The Social Clinic of Solidarity provides daily FREE primary health care and pharmaceutical care to all non-insured people, immigrants and Greeks.

Every day various pathological and dental cases are treated. Three days per week, the pediatric, neurological and psychiatric medical cases are treated. And once a week are treated the dermatological, cardio-logical and oto-rhino-laryngologic conditions. An external network of solidary doctors with different specialisations and medical laboratories, also, supports the Social Clinic of Solidarity.

The Social Clinic of Solidarity is an independent initiative, is supported by social solidarity and has no financial dependence on any official body.

All decisions relevant to its operations and goals are being taken in open general assembly, in which anyone can attend.

Anyone who is against policies of human impoverishment, against racism and against power speech.

We believe in the power that solidarity has. We believe in the power of autonomy and self-organisation. We believe in the possibility that we have to change things TOGETHER.

Our goal is not only to provide pharmaceutical and medical care.

Our goal is to stop this policy that leaves people without any medical care.

Our goal is to assert, through various initiatives and actions, the right to medical treatment of people in need and without financial capability.

To assert the right of health for everyone.

Our goal is to meet and think through TOGETHER the ways to achieve that.

We are in need of solidary doctors and nurses.

We are in need of a box of medicine, which you do not need.

We are in need of people to declare their solidarity.


Bank acount details:

Piraeus Bank

ΙΒΑΝ : GR89 0172 2720 0052 7205 9087 744


"ΣΥΛΛΟΓΟΣ ΦΙΛΩΝ ΙΑΤΡΕΙΟΥ ΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΚΗΣ ΑΛΛΥΛΕΓΓΥΗΣ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ" (Association of Friends of the Social Solidarity Clinic in Thessaloniki)