Synentev3iTypoy15102013 In Thessaloniki on Tuesday the 15th of October doctors, patients and legals of the Social Clinic of Solidarity gave a press conference held in the premises of the clinic. The uninsured patients described the violence and fascism that they face daily, due to their non-accessibility to the National Health System, while at the same time the fight to stay alive, receive their prescriptions or the necessary exams vital to their lives. They also talked about the huge amount of money that the hospital’s administrations demand from them in order to receive the vital services that are in need for. From their side the doctors of the clinic talked about the necessity of a coordinative and common fight for the reestablishment of a free public Health System. As they noted their oath refers to everybody and not only to the ones that can afford it. They also mentioned the disastrous effects of the policies in place and the danger of reappearance of diseases that have long disappeared in Greece since the 60s. Moreover, they analyzed step by step the demolition stages of the National Health System and the blockade created for uninsured patients. Lastly, the legals of the Social Clinic of Solidarity underlined that the right for free and public health services to the residents of the Hellenic State is still legally an active obligation of the Greek State. They also made clear that this right is protected not only from our Constitution but also from the laws and court decisions.

EisodosIppokrateio As a part of the actions organized from the movement of SCPS, on Thursday the 17th of October the Social Clinic of Solidarity of Thessaloniki visited the Ippokrateio General Hospital, where they protested against this dangerous government policy that results to millions of people being left without any access to the health services. The volunteers, patients and several civilians placed a placard outside the hospital, they gave leaflets and they met with the General Manager of Ippokrateio General Hospital, Mr Christiannopoulos with their main demand being the termination of the blockade. They underlined the fact that the uninsured patients are asked to pay huge amounts of money that are unable to provide resulting even to deaths. They asked from the administration to accept uninsured patients for free. They gave the medical files of five patients of immediate need for hospitalization. Mr. Christiannopoulos from his side made a commitment that the five patients will be accepted from next week for all the necessary exams and treatments, while at the same time in the next board meeting he will introduce the issue for a free access to all uninsured patients.

The Social Clinics and Pharmacies of Solidarity of Greece underline the need and the obligation of all of us that are victims of this policy to fight against it, aiming to its termination and to the reestablishment of a Public and Free Health System in order to impose again the public healthcare as primary and non- negotiable right and good, which will be offered free to anybody regardless of economic and employment status , legal documents , religion, nationality , sexual orientation, gender and age . It must be clear that given the circumstances the only road is through solidarity, any other road can only lead to the empowered of this murderous policy. The SCPS continue their coordination all over Greece, they try to keep alive the notion of a public and free health system and they try their best to provide help to the ones in need. They are calling everybody to be a part of this fight for a Free and Public Health System for all.