Given the PanHellenic movement of the Social Clinics and Pharmacies of Solidarity in their attempt to send a message of agony and to resist against this murderous policy of the Ministry of Health, both the volunteers and the patients of the Social Clinic of Solidarity of Thessaloniki we are here in order to fight back against the blockade that leads to deaths and fight for the right of every human being to live. In our press conference we will talk about the last 2 years of social solidarity and political struggle aimed to the termination of the blockade. We will also examine the reasons why we have ended up in this situation where we talk about a lost gone National Health System and what are the implications of the blockade. Moreover, we will have the chance to hear from uninsured patients what it means for them not to be able to access the health care services and how this situation affects their life. Finally, we will discuss certain thoughts regarding the use of legal methods as a tool and a medium of resistance towards this murderous policy.

We invite you all on Tuesday October the 15th, at 12:00 in the Press Conference that will be given by the doctors and patients at the Social Clinic of Solidarity of Thessaloniki, 24th Aisopou Street, 1st floor.