turk hunger strike

Nuriye Gülmen and Semih Özakça are, respectively, a literature professor and a primary school teacher. Both were fired by the Erdoğan-led purges. Each day they gather with supporters at Ankara’s Yuksel Street near a statue to commemorate human rights. These two intellectuals have been on hunger strike for more than 80 days. They are kept alive by lemon and saltwater. Both are in perilous health. Onur Karahanli of the Chamber of Doctors of Ankara, said, "They are now in a very critical period, where their nervous and cardiovascular systems are being damaged after two months of hunger." Outside Turkey there is little news coverage of their vigil.



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 An extermination and exploitation machine that works ceaselessly

200,000 dead, more than 2,000.000 refugees

The lucky ones will eventually cross the Mediterranean and reach the shore alive. They will be packed in ports and railway stations, walk for days without water, find hatred, indifference and exploitation, meet police truncheons, border guards and electric fences. And this is their only alternative to war and death that rages in their country



The autonomous, self-managed Social Solidarity Clinics and Pharmacies in Greece, which gathered in Korinthos in our 4th nationwide meeting, decided to join forces with all the solidary people on the greek islands, who are supporting the refugees of war arriving in thousands - most of them women and children. We decided to support with all our strength our sisters and brothers, the refugees.