Everybody is talking hypocritically about border fences in other countries - but on the same time tenths of refugees drown every day in the greek seas. This barbarity must come to an end! The SSC joins the struggle for free and safe transit of the thousands of refugees, who are seeking hope and a chance for survival. We are calling all people in Thessaloniki to participate at the nationwide demo and action in Evros, against the border fence in Evros, on Saturday the 31st Oct 2015. We call everybody to participate in the actions against Fortress Europe!

We demand that the war in Syria and the carnage of victims come to an end! We demand open borders and torn down border fences and walls in Greece, in Europe, everywhere!

Thessaloniki: For reservations call 6942 682306 - 6980 799377. Departure at 08:00 am (Statue of Venizelos - Aristotelous Square).

Athens: For reservations call 6942019913, 6987805080, 6947051512 (Antifascist Coordination in Athens and Piraeus).