Therefore we state clearly and loudly that ourselves, we are “illegal” constantly and we are waiting for them.

We are “illegal” for the last 2 years for having supported more than 10.000 uninsured patients by providing health services and medications without asking from anyone their permission.

We are “illegal” because we do so without money.

We are “illegal” because we oblige only to the code of medical ethics.

We are “illegal” because we are accountable only to our consciousness, our patients and the society.

We are “illegal” because we fight against to humiliation and death.

We are “illegal” because we believe that Health is a major social good and not a commodity.

This legal state that convicts to poverty and risk of death almost 3.000.000 people is more than welcome to abolish by law solidarity. This cynical tele-persona Minister of Health is more than welcome to try to scare us. Even justice that seems to be so indifferent to the effects of this dangerous policy in Health is more than welcome to continue doing her part.

Those last actions, reminding of totalitarian regimes, clearly demonstrate that the red line is crossed.

They want to eliminate hope.

They want to destroy everything that keeps us united.

They hate life.

They will face us all, volunteers, patients, civilians, in the opposite side.

We will defend life and dignity. 

We will fight against death.