The autonomous, self-managed Social Solidarity Clinics and Pharmacies in Greece, which gathered in Korinthos in our 4th nationwide meeting, decided to join forces with all the solidary people on the greek islands, who are supporting the refugees of war arriving in thousands - most of them women and children. We decided to support with all our strength our sisters and brothers, the refugees.

 The Social Solidarity Clinics / Pharmacies of Korinthos, Thessaloniki, Thermi, Peristeri, Peiraeus, N. Philadelphia, N. Chalkidona, Patisia are already preparing solidarity missions in August to Mitilini, Chios and wherever else it will be necessary. At these missions noumerous healthcare providers (medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, psychotherapists, nurses etc) are participating amongst others.

We are already gathering medical supplies and getting prepared for our missions to the islands..

Solidarity is our power !