The Solidarity Social Medical Center in Thessaloniki

 (What we are:) the Solidarity Social Medical Center (SSMC)

(How we operate:) The SSMC

(Who we are:) the SSCM in Thessaloniki

After three years of operation:

The SSCM constitute an example of primary health care provision that functions outside the state and the market.

We all appear as persons that respect the principles of collectivity and irrespective of the partisan affiliation of some of the members.

We choose collaboration, equality and parity amongst ourselves. None is more important than the rest. We collectively decide our principles and mode of operation and equally abide by them.

The SSCM is no place for:

We oppose:

By serving a need that is personal, collective, medical, social and subversive, and by exposing the complete disintegration of the NHS and the tragic deficit in the health care of the uninsured and the excluded, we employ solidarity and self-management to fight for:

A universal, free and public health system

The establishment of solidarity amongst people

The subversion of power relations and subordination

And ultimately

For health as a social good.

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